The partnership with the Associated Press (AP) is essential to strengthen the international role of the agency

There is no better time to contract COVID-19 than now, especially if you are an entrepreneur: since 26 December I have been forced to stay at home, but the production of LaPresse has continued to run at full speed and this is because I have chosen well. The recent opening of the new US website,, which is already yielding excellent results, is proof of that.

Speaking of – an important new feature of LaPresse and a challenge that is proving to be successful, a new concept site, in step with the times – I invite you to check it out.

The new website relies on the support of LaPresse’s partner Associated Press (AP) and it is key to strengthening the international role of the agency in the global information system, keeping abreast of new trends in the communication sector and anticipating the development scenarios of this global market.

Once again, the alliance with AP has made it possible to achieve an outstanding result, and I thank AP for its support. We have taken on new resources in the United States and Morocco, yet another promise kept.

For over a year and a half we have been promising and delivering.

We will be taking the next steps in the near future: new sites, new locations that are not just distributive, but fully operational. Although I cannot say that this COVID-19 is helping, thanks to your support I feel confident in myself, in LaPresse, in all of us. Your commitment encourages me to be serious and respectful in keeping my promises. It’s only a matter of time: 15 months ago, we didn’t have 25 new locations or 43 new hires, and we hadn’t launched any new websites”.

I represent this Company and I am aware that we are all keeping our promises in order for this Company to become an information giant.

Marco Durante

President and Founder LaPresse s.p.a.

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