Guillaume Gauthier, Global Product Marketing Manager of Esaote: "Artificial intelligence is at the heart of our system"

Esaote, a leading Italian company in the biomedical sector, presented Wednesday the new premium ultrasound system MyLab™X90, with a dedicated ceremony on the occasion of the European Congress of Radiology ECR 2023. 

From a technological point of view, MyLab™X90 offers premium level components such as the ClearWave architecture, the XCrystal probe and an eLed monitor, guaranteeing excellent display of images on the screen, with very high contrast resolution. 

Artificial intelligence at the center 

“MyLab™X90 offers excellent performance and is designed to maximize diagnostic confidence and streamline workflows through automation,” said Guillaume Gauthier, Global Product Marketing Manager at Esaote. “Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the system. Our Augmented Insight™ includes solutions based on artificial intelligence with a multidisciplinary clinical approach”. 

“MyLab™X90 was designed with the operator at the center to provide an unprecedented user experience,” explained Florence Labb, Global Customer Marketing Manager at Esaote. “Our goal is to make complex processes simpler and advanced technologies readily available in daily clinical practice. With MyLab™X90, healthcare professionals can expect a truly innovative experience in this sense”. 

MyLab X90 is the result of strategic developments and international multidisciplinary teams, focused on innovation, and adds to the range of ultrasound systems offered by Esaote. The unveiling ceremony took place at the Esaote Stand, where it will be possible to learn more about the characteristics and performance of the new system for the entire duration of the Congress.

 The company is a leader in the biomedical sector in ultrasound, dedicated magnetic resonance and information technology for healthcare.

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