The inside story of the Moroccan journalist accused of rape and espionage

 The women's movements against rape are once again faced with a very serious case, with unforeseeable consequences.

 Already prosecuted for a case of espionage and intelligence with the services of a foreign country, Omar Radi has just been questioned by the judicial police and kept in detention following the complaint of a public relations manager in a French speaking website. This complainant claims to have been raped by journalist Radi. The latter must also explain himself on charges of espionage. He would have served as a field agent for the Dutch services which paid him generously, according to sources familiar with the matter. He is said to have regular contact with the political secretary of the Dutch embassy, who had seen him several times in his office and with whom he exchanged text messages.

 In any case, the double affair is under investigation and promises great twists and turns.

 The King’s General Prosecutor at the Casablanca Court of Appeal announced in a statement on Wednesday July 29, 2020 that the investigating judge has ordered Omar Radi to be remanded in custody.

 The detention was decided, explains the King’s General Prosecutor to the Casablanca Court of Appeal, following the preliminary questioning, with a view to continuing the investigation into the charges against him in two cases relating to the indecent of assault with violence and rape and the receipt of foreign funds with the aim of undermining the internal security of the State and initiating contacts with agents of foreign countries in order to harm the diplomatic situation of Morocco.

 In his press release, the King's General Prosecutor notes that following a complaint lodged by a citizen and based on the investigation carried out by the judicial services of the Royal Gendarmerie in Casablanca, the public prosecutor's office referred Omar Radi to the examining magistrate at the Casablanca Court of Appeal in order to investigate two alleged offenses relating to indecent assault with violence and rape, which are offenses provided for in articles 485 and 486 of the Penal Code.

 As part of the investigation already announced by the prosecution in its press release of June 24, 2020 and following the results of this inquiry carried out by the National Brigade of the Judicial Police, the competent prosecution also requested an investigation with the implicated individual concerning the reception of funds from foreign parties in order to undermine the internal security of the State and to conduct contacts with agents of foreign countries to harm the diplomatic situation of Morocco, two offenses which appear in Articles 191 and 206 of the Penal Code, the press release concludes.

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