An audio recording that could expose the truth of what happened between Moroccan journalist Suleiman Raissouni, recently condemned to a five-year prison sentence,  for sexually assaulting and sequestering a young man by the name of Adam Ait Ouchaara, is being circulated on social media. The audio reveals what actually happened between the victim and his aggressor. From the dialogue between the two men (listen), which was apparently recoded immediately after the sexual assault, Suleiman Raissouni clearly confesses to his hideous act and offers an unequivocal apology to young Adam. Raissouni also begs the latter to not reveal anything to his wife, Kholoud Al-Mukhtari.

The fact that the victim refused to comply with Suleimane Raissouni’s unbridled desire led the latter to sweet talk and try to bribe the young man who appears shaken in the audio recording.

After the revelation of this bombshell, Raissouni’s supporters who managed to deceive the State Department into issuing a biased and baseless statement can no longer carry on hiding what appears to be the real story and distorting  facts. The State Department should therefore not only take note but get the record straight.

After these revelations that went viral on social media, will Kholoud al-Mukhtari, still be adamant in her attempts to whitewash her husband’s tarnished reputation.  It’s crystal clear that Raissouni’s so called hunger strike has become pointless for the simple reason that he can in no way claim the high morale ground. One way out for him is to come clean and sincerely apologize to his victim and to all the people he has deceived.



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