“Take The Arms. Kill And Scorch The Jews ”: The Motivational Song of The Algerian Army to Stir Passion in Its Troops.

Under the pretext of defending Palestine, the Algerian army harbors uninhibited and embarassing anti-Semitism. “How in the world will David Keene, the chief lobbyist for Algiers in Washington, justify to the US media and Senators that the Algerian military is calling on the Jews to be slain?” , write Moroccan newspaper Le360, in its Sunday French edition.

Broadcast on the Israeli news channel I24, a video, which dates back to 2015, now sheds possible light on the reasons why the the Algerian regime harbors a deeply rooted resentment against Morocco, after the announcement of the resumption of its relations with Israel. So much so that the Algerian government authorities instructed all the imams and preachers in the country to denounce the resumption of these relations, a historic move that will undoubtedly trigger a positive peace dynamic in the Near East.

These instructions to Algerian imams give away the Algerian regime’s abject anti-Semitism, not against the Zionists or even the Israelis, but against the Jews. “Kill the Jews”, stresses the song as intoned by the Algerian army troops.

In this exercise of orderly march of the Algerian national gendarmerie, the gendarmes indeed use the term “alyahoud” (which means in Arabic the Jews), to motivate themselves and chant calls for murder:

“Oh Arabs, sons of Arabs. March and point your guns at the Jews. To kill them. Shoot them down. Skin them… ”, as the song goes.

As the I24 journalist aptly points out in this video, “the semantics used are very important. Because we are not talking about the Israelis (al israiliyine in Arabic) or the Zionists (assahayina), but the Jews (al yahoud). The difference is so important that the words cannot be mistaken. It is therefore anti-Semitism, in what it has produced in terms of horrors and pogroms in history, which the Algerian army is bottle-fed” adds the Moroccan papers.

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