Recent articles published by Algerian media platforms (TSA and Maroctvinfo) have falsely claimed that Morocco’s Head of External Intelligence, Yassine Mansouri, did not meet his counterpart, CIA’s Director, William Burns, during his visit to Rabat on April 7th.
These articles suggest that Mansouri was excluded due to an alleged falling out with King Mohammed VI in the past three months. However, a Washington DC source has confirmed that the meeting did take place and expressed surprise at the fictitious reports. “Since when are intelligence meetings of sensitive nature typically broadcasted on media outlets?”, wondered the same source.
These reports seem to be attempting to create the perception that the head of External Intelligence is absent from his duties, a claim contradicted by Mansouri’s official appearance on April 4th at the Mohammed V Mausoleum in Rabat, on the anniversary of the passing away of the late King Mohammed V, a few days prior to Burns’ visit on April 7th.

It is not uncommon to see Algerian media publish imaginary information about Morocco. This becomes even more obvious, given TSA’s and Maroctvinfo’s known affiliation with Algerian military intelligence, which leads to assuming that such allegations are part of the habitual Algerian misinformation campaign against Morocco.

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