LaPresse has always evolved by pushing the boundaries.

All the news agencies operating in Italy nowadays started out by producing text news, then, later on, some of them supplemented the supply of news with photo news and, much later, in a few rare instances, with videos.

Being the first Italian news agency to realise the power and the evocative force of images made LaPresse into a trailblazer.

Over the years, the information and communication scene has evolved tremendously, with the visual component of the news taking on a predominant role. With the advent of the digital era, the world wide web and mobile devices, the availability of news became more and more immediate, and utilisation modalities followed suit, demanding the same immediacy and giving preference to image and audiovisual contents.

Having been the first agency to use fixed and moving images, in a pioneering way compared with the rest of the market, LaPresse profited from a unique competitive edge, anticipating market needs, and soon became a leader in the Italian information scene.

Over time, the work of LaPresse journalists, photo reporters and cameramen made it possible to keep track of the great events and the personalities that have made – and are making – our history, giving us a prominent role in Italian and international current affairs as we experience the ongoing vicissitudes of our Country and the world from a privileged view point, with the emotional involvement that only images can images can achieve.

At the moment, the agency’s video production consists of ca 200 raw footage items a day, produced by LaPresse video journalists and by Xinhua, EFE, Press Association, X17, Flynet UK and AKM Images. 

From the raw footage collected, including the materials obtained from Reuters, the agency extracts a rich selection of video clips with voice over, for use by websites and TV stations.

To do so, it relies on the experience acquired by LaPresse as a producer accustomed to working according to television broadcasting standards, e.g., while working for the JTV channel, the official television of the Juventus football club.

The acquisition of Agenzia Journalistsca Radiotelevisiva (AGR), Italy’s most important  multimedia content provider to digital, television and radio media, is part of a broader growth strategy and strengthens the video division, which is already a feather in the cap of LaPresse.

Besides the production of video contents for major clients, such as, and Microsoft’s msn portal, LaPresse generates video news, radio and TV news, which may be standard or customised, such as the news for the Discovery network aired on DeeJay TV channel 9.