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Ranieri: Leicester proved dreams can come true if you try to the end

"Keep on trying to the end and believe in yourselves, in every aspect of life"

Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri

 Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri told Italian state TV on Monday night that the improbable win of the Premier League title by the Foxes is the demonstration that dreams can come true if you keep trying to the end. "The only thing I can telle everybody is: keep on trying tothe end and believe in yourselves, in every aspect of life", Ranieri said in a phone interview with the 'Il processo del lunedì' show on RaiTre after Chelsea clinched a late draw against Tottenham at Stamford Bridge, handing over the title to Leicester. "I've been fighting for a very long time, but I was always sure that sooner or later I would have won a title", added Ranieri, who achieved great single results in his career but never won a major trophy before last night.

"I am the same person who was sacked by Greece a year and a half ago, when people apparently forgot what I did in the past", he added, in reference to feats like the 0-2 win at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium against Real Madrid in 2008, when he was coach of Juventus. After Leicester's triumph was secured thanks to the final result of Chelsea-Tottenham, social media were submerged with thousands of congratulation messages to both Ranieri and the Foxes. "The greatest endeavour in the history of English football was led by an Italian. Great Leicester. Great coach Ranieri. #crazy", wrote Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi on his Twitter account right after the news of Leicester's win broke out.


Also the prime minister of Great Britain tipped his hat to the Foxes and Ranieri with a message on Twitter. "Many congratulations to Leicester. An extraordinary, thoroughly deserved, Premier League title", David Cameron wrote on his account. Congratulation messages obviously came also from other football coaches and players. Carlo Ancelotti, who won the English championship in 2009-2010, wrote on his Twitter account: "Congratulations to Leicester and to my friend Claudio Ranieri on winning an historical Premier League title". Ancelotti, together with Ranieri and Roberto Mancini (with Manchester City in 2011-2012), is one of the three Italian managers who were able to lead an English side to winning the Premier League. Not only fellow managers, but also active and retired players congratulated the coach from Rome on his improbable triumph. Former Juventus captain Alessandro Del Piero, who scored both goals in Ranieri's win against Real Madrid in 2008, wrote on his social media accounts: "Happy for Mr #Ranieri and for those who love sport: Legendary @LCFC Champions, an unforgettable achievement in #Premier compliments!". Goalkeeper and current Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon, who also played for Ranieri when he was on the bench of the Bianconeri, wrote: "Thank you coach, because you demonstrated that you must not stop dreaming!".


 "This is the real magic of sports and life!!! My heartfelt congratulations!!!", added Buffon, who was not new to support messages to Leicester City. Right after the Foxes clinched the mathematical certainty of a Champions League spot for next season, he tweeted another congratulation message: "#Leicester @lcfc is no more a fairy tale, now is reality. Welcome in Europe Mr. Claudio Ranieri!". Finally, AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli, who won the Premier League with Mancini, also congratulated the Foxes and the Italian manager. "Leicester city.. Champion. Congratulations to the players and to an amazing manager as RANIERI!", he wrote on Twitter.

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