Photography has always been in the DNA of LaPresse and has been a key factor in its development. 

From the end of the second world war to the present, the countless photo reportages produced by LaPresse have had an impact on entire generations providing an ongoing stream of events that have become parts of the collective memory. Years of photojournalistic documentation now constitute an archive of over 30 million images, supplemented in real-time with new photos of current events produced on a daily basis.

The quality of the images, the in-depth coverage, the timely production, the documentation of all types of news, from politics to current events, from show business to sports, all have contributed to positioning LaPresse as the news agency of choice for newspapers, magazines, radio/TV stations and websites, as borne out by the fact that 90% of the Italian publishing & broadcasting market purchases their contents.

With more than 500 photographers working all over the national territory – whether employees, continuing collaborators and freelancers –, day after day, LaPresse produces in real-time, over 2000 photos, covering everything that takes place in Italy, expressing excellence in sports, in current events, and – the only one in Italy – in gossip. 

LaPresse photos are distributed and published all over the world.

At the same time, by virtue of the partnership agreements entered into with Xinhua, EFE and PA, LaPresse makes available everyday, in real-time, ca 3000 photos from abroad that are added to the daily supply of 550 photos selected from Reuters’ overall production by the photography desk of LaPresse.

To ensure the best possible coverage of images from abroad, LaPresse has signed agreements with Action Press (Germany), Max PPP (France), BrunoPress (The Netherlands), Reporters (Belgium), ImagineChina (China), Aflo (Japan), Profimedia (Czech Republic), Scanpix (Sweden), ACE Pictures (US), Photo Press Service (Austria), Dukas (Switzerland), Images Picture Agency (UK), all of them primary photo agencies in their respective markets, to distribute their production in Italy.

Moreover, LaPresse makes available the entire production of agencies specialising in showbiz, entertainment and celebrities, and namely X17 (US), NPG National Photo Group (USA), Fame Flynet UK (UK), and AKM Images (US).

Besides photojournalism, LaPresse makes available an important network of photographers for covers and photo shoots: Gianluca Saragò, Gianmarco Chieregato, Iwan Palombi, Emanuele Berardi and GRM Foto (Roberto Guberti, Matteo Rasero, Mauro Sostini, Federico Guberti and Damiano Guberti), to mention just a few of the many renowned professionals who collaborate with LaPresse on an exclusive basis.