Venerdì 25 Novembre 2016 - 18:30

Mattarella: Violence against women unacceptable wound in society

"Gender violence is the reflection of the degeneration in the interpersonal relationships"

Mattarella says violence against women is unacceptable wound in society

Italian president Sergio Mattarella said on Friday that the violence against women is "unacceptable" and "the reflection of the degeneration in the interpersonal relationships". In a statement published on the website of the Italian presidency on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Mattarella said: "Violence against women is unacceptable, it is a wound for the entire society. Eliminating it is an objective that every civilian country must pursue with determination". "Violence and abuse, used as means of imposition and subjugation, are the face of a primordial vision of the relationships among people, that must be tackled first of all by the community", he went on.

"Gender violence is the reflection of the degeneration in the interpersonal relationships, of the abandonment of founding values of our civilization, which is based on equal dignity for everyone, whether they are male or female citizens", he also said. "Every effort and action to contrast violence against women must be therefore supported firmly, as well as initiatives aimed at assisting victims or those who, as it often happens for the children of the women who are subjected to violence, find themselves seeing such violence and suffering its consequences", Mattarella finally said.

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