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Abarth to hold meeting for brand enthusiasts on four European circuits

Thousands of fans expected in the circuits of Silverstone, Nurburgring, Navarra and Tazio Nuvolari

Abarth to hold meeting for brand enthusiasts on four European circuits

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) brand Abarth announced that four of the most important circuits of Europe will host its biggest meeting on Saturday, with around 3,000 participants that have registered to take part in the event. According to a statement from FCA, "Saturday, 29th October will be a day brimming with adrenaline for all extreme performance enthusiasts. The biggest Abarth official meeting of 2016 is about to kick off, and will bring thousands of fans to four of Europe's most famous and adrenaline-charged circuits: Silverstone in Great Britain, Nurburgring in Germany, Navarra in Spain and Tazio Nuvolari in Italy". "The figures of this edition are destined to be huge: altogether, the event will be able to involve over 3000 registrants", the Group added.

"The programme will be identical at all four circuits, with several activities dedicated only to each of the local events", the statement specified. "Taking part will be the ever growing, 50,000 fans strong 'The Scorpionship' community scattered throughout Europe, which you can join for free on the website", it added. "From the highly prized classics, built starting from 1949 (the year when Abarth was formed), to the brand new Abarth 595 and Abarth 124 spider, the Abarth cars will play a starring role with all the grit that have always set them apart. Visitors will have the chance to experience the one and only thrill of a test drive both on and off the track", the statement also said.

"The spaces will be divided into three areas: one dedicated to modern vehicles, one for classic cars and one for the Abarth Clubs affiliated with 'The Scorpionship', complementing a programme packed with excitement for all the public of fans", the Group then said. "Those who arrive on board their Abarth will be able to park inside the paddock, after purchasing the specific ticket, as well as give free play to their performance with the possibility to drive their car on the tracks. An entertainment area designed for Abarth fans of all ages will also be set up, where challenges down to the last second can be taken up in total safety using driving simulators", it also added. "Fans can also challenge each other with radio-controlled Abarth cars and, with the aid of the brand new virtual reality, configure the new Abarth 124 spider with all the fittings and colours in the range", the Group then highlighted.

"Lastly, you will be able to experience first-hand the extreme Abarth performance by becoming the co-driver of one of the exciting Abarth racing cars, driven by a professional driver", FCA said. "A full event that will enable all Abarth and sports driving fans to experience the adrenaline on the track to the utmost and to share their passion for the Scorpion brand. Tickets for the Abarth Day 2016 can be purchased on the website", the statement then pointed out. "'The Scorpionship' cardholders enjoy up to 50% discounts. You can apply for your free card at", FCA finally said.

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